Five Major Facts about Black Mold

Black mold is a very dangerous fungus which can lead to serious health issues in humans as well as animals; it is scientifically recognized as Stachybotrys Chartarum. Although this is considered to be a life-threatening fungus, in most cases if attended at an early stage it can be eradicated easily.

Appearance and Existence


As the name suggests this mold is blackish green in color. It has a very slimy appearance and is mainly found in dark and damp places. The growth of black mold is the maximum in moist areas and therefore it often grows in places where there is a leakage of water.

Such places include bathrooms of the houses, wet walls in the houses, and surroundings. Almost every other house has to deal with this fungus because it’s not rare. It grows too often and at too many places. So don’t worry because it’s not just your house.



Its growth totally depends on the area. For example: The growth is often seen in places or surroundings where there is passage of light and no proper ventilation either. Humidity helps it spread at a faster pace. Therefore, the first place to check when you see the symptoms is those dark and unventilated corners of the house.


Yes, this fungus too has a diet. Its nutritious diet mainly comes from the organisms on which it grows. The place where it grows forms the food for them.

During the early stages of growth, the pace is quite slow. But as its diet increases, it spreads faster, thus it releases the toxic elements such as mycotoxins. This in turn causes health problems to the people living around.

So when you start getting a foul odor from any corner of the house, and the symptoms too are visible, it’s time to either call professionals or follow the DIY method. But whatever method you go for, the first step should be restrict its growth and then to eradicate it completely.

Drying Up

Although we know that the fungus is oily in appearance, but it also tend to dry after a few days. A very interesting fact which is revealed from the characteristic is that, black mold is far more dangerous when it is dry as compared to its oily existence. It is because, when it dries, it tends to spread its spores in the air. When a person comes in contact with these spores, he suffers from various kinds of health issues which may turn out to be even fatal in some cases.

Preventive Measures

Dark and unventilated environment and condition to grow in and spread is what’s required. If such places of the house are properly cleaned and maintained, they cannot grow at all. Therefore, the best way to prevent the growth of the mold is to prevent the environmental conditions that promote its development.

One of the methods to prevent such conditions is by purifying the air. Air purification can be done with the help of various systems which disinfect and filter the air particles. A few systems which are considered to be very effective for this purpose are UV and HEPA.

Though this is a very common problem and each one of us has a different perspective and myth about it. All these myths should be cleared and proper measures should be taken to face the mold or else it may lead to serious health problems.

Moreover, if you’re not sure what measures to take, professional guidance from experts would help you get rid of the black mold permanently. They can be of assistance to you in your quest for a safe and healthy home.